ALLIANCE - The New Collection by De'Jon Pier'e

ALLIANCE - The New Collection by De'Jon Pier'e

Alliance is the 10th collection released by Pier’e this collection is named solely by the impact and inclusive ideas from its customers and this collection is for everyone hence any gender can wear all products this is why measurements are the main factor and judgement. Alliance is inclusive of any ethnicity and background any creed and this collection is important and it is Piere’s most expensive as more models and photographers were recruited for this project. This project consisted on working of a team of 10 the biggest ever to be involved in any of our collections. The quality of the polyester fabric is of high standard and is fitted and suited in the retailer high end fashion bracket beyond  manufacturers expectation, hence why these new appreciated mark ups works well. Let us all make an Alliance today, so we hope you enjoy this collection I am really proud of it.

Love De'Jon Pier'e

Phase 1- Unisex Adult Trcaksuit

Phase 2- Unisex Kids T Shirts, Adult T Shirts, Kids Unisex Caps (Coming soon)

Phase 3- Boxers, Face Masks