About Us

De’Jon Pier’e was born in 1983 in London but grew up in. Kent, with nothing but ambition, drive, work ethic and a vision for style and trends. He then started up his company De’Jon Pier’e TM in August 2015 shortly after his 32nd birthday. He holds a degree in music, and has always had interest in fashion and others around has liked his sense of style and used this energy to fuel building and creating his empire. Built from his late mother’s legacy who  ran her own successful retail business for 15 years.


Today, De’Jon Pier’e is more than a brand, it's a global business enterprise available in sponsoring musicians, sportsmen and other accolades in its path. 


De’Jon Pier’e started his online presence in the early 2000’s with his unique music he released digitally and which to date is still listened to via Spotify. 


De’Jon Pier’e also looks to collaborate with agencies and marketing companies to fuse ideas for better creativity in future collections.

 As of October 2020, the brand has started stocking products in stores in Ireland and the UK.