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About Us

De’Jon Pier’e, founded in 2015 is now one of UK Independent fashion brands. It designs and markets unisex designer collection attire with a selection of other products that are manufactured in China and India and now the UK.

De’Jon Pier’e advertising and marketing  angle is based on inspiration from experience and learning what the customers want feel and adhere to when showcasing their personality and character.
De’Jon Pier’e Team analyses and selectively chooses models to carefully represent the brand in a confident outlook on how to feel and to be.
Pier'e originally known for his unique alternative fast of the beat singing became of interest in the social media it got his music noticed to how different it was his two albums 'Individualism' in 2002 and 'Everything Happens For A Reason' in 2014. The album Individualism sold thousands of downloads with much credit from Ditto Music an Independent Label for Unsigned Musicians. He was one of the first 50 artists that used Ditto Music in its early set up in which CEO Lee Parsons agrees with.

In 2018 De'Jon Pier'e Brand became more known as a brand rather than the person it is now known for working with various models and celebrities and has started working with other PR media companies for good investment opportunities and with this, the brand is venturing out into children and women's clothing.